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AICR Cancer Research Update
January 12, 2011| Issue 60
Shiuan Chen

Researcher in the Spotlight

Blocking Estrogen (and Breast Cancer) via Foods

Dr. Shiuan Chen's new study on pomegranates is one of many suggesting that certain fruits and vegetables can suppress estrogen production—and certain breast cancers—by interfering with an enzyme called aromatase.

Research Roundup

Older Man Walking

Walking just an hour per day at an easy pace or engaging in other non-vigorous activities may help prostate cancer survivors live longer.


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Weight Variance

The United States has failed to reach almost every goal set for women's health, according to a new report.


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One of the largest studies of its kind has confirmed that excess body fat – which is linked with many cancers – will increase risk of an earlier death.


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In this Issue:

Prostate Cancer Survivors: Being Active and Living Longer

Women’s Health: Failing the Grade

The Healthiest Body Mass Identified


In Brief:

Low-Sugar Cereal: Kids Like It

Give kids low-sugar breakfast cereal and, it turns out, they will like it and eat healthier, according to the findings of a new study published in the journal Pediatrics.

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