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September marks National Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month, a good occasion to alert women that the most common gynecological cancer is also the most preventable.

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Woman Taking Fruit from bowl

Weight Loss: Keep Trying and Follow 7 Habits for Success

Whether you’re a veteran yo-yo dieter and aren’t sure you can lose weight again or you’re trying to lose weight for the first time, researchers have some good news for you.

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Family Breakfast

Teach Kids a Healthy Breakfast Habit

You can protect your child from developing health problems and set them on a healthy track, starting with tomorrow morning’s breakfast.

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From the AICR Test Kitchen: Cooking Winter Squash

Healthy Muffins for Busy Mornings (Recipe)

Kids will love these muffins, which contain plenty of cancer-fighting fiber. Applesauce helps keep them moist and replaces some of the fat to yield lower calorie muffins.

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Preventing Endometrial Cancers
Weight Loss Strategies
Healthy Breakfast Habit
AICR Test Kitchen: Muffins
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Marilyn GentryWelcome Readers,

In this issue we're recognizing National Gynecological Cancer month with an in-depth piece on one of the most preventable women's cancers, Endometrial. We're also featuring weight loss tips and healthy, cancer-fighting breakfast foods.

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