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September 2007
Issue 15

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Marilyn Gentry

Marilyn Gentry

With cooler weather on the way, it’s a beautiful time of year to enjoy outdoor activities. This month’s e.Newsletter offers tips to help you exercise healthfully. If you are eating on the run, so to speak, you’ll find plenty of information in this issue on ways to incorporate cancer-protective foods into your diet for delicious meals and a healthy life.

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AICR is the cancer charity that fosters research on diet and cancer prevention and educates the public about the results.

What the Research Says

Go with the Grain

They’re not your mother’s whole grains. Health benefits and fresh tastes have made whole grains all the rage in food products. [Read more]

Bite into Good Health

Fall is quickly approaching and so is the harvest season. New “apple science” suggests that the fruit may be a major player in reducing cancer risk. [Read more]

Good Nutrition: Work it Out

Paying attention to what you eat and drink is important every day, but particularly important when exercising. Here are helpful hints that are sure to benefit your performance – and your health. [Read more]

Research On Your Plate

Beyond PB&J: Healthy Sandwiches that Satisfy

From basic peanut butter to elegant pannini, sandwiches are the perfect portable meal for school or work. Here are tips for steering clear of less healthy ingredients and turning your sandwiches into delicious, healthy treats. [Read more]

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