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December 2007
Issue 18

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Marilyn Gentry

Marilyn Gentry

Our ancestors used holiday feasts to fatten up in preparation for possible famine ahead. But nowadays, we tend to feast throughout the year and see the holiday season as an excuse to indulge ourselves even more. This issue of the e.Newsletter offers tips to help you navigate the season’s festivities wisely. Go ahead and feast on feast days, armed with our advice on how to enjoy indulgent foods in moderation. You’ll also read how to add physical activity to your pre- and post-holiday travels. Happy New Year.

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AICR is the cancer charity that fosters research on diet and cancer prevention and educates the public about the results.

What the Research Says

What’s All This Talk about “Energy Density?”

Nutritionists have a new phrase. What does it tell us about planning meals that fight weight gain as well as cancer?

Pack Fitness into Your Travels

Whether you’re traveling by train, plane or automobile, traveling offers time to slip in some energizing and cancer-preventive physical activity.

Eating With Your Eyes

Most of our food choices are a result of what our eyes see – not what our stomachs want. Learn how to keep combating the visual traps that lead many of us to overeat, often unknowingly.

Research On Your Plate

The Lighter Side of Holiday Eating

The ghost of fruitcakes past may haunt your holidays. But AICR’s alternative to fruitcake-as-doorstop is light yet loaded with nutritious goodness.

The New American Plate: Comfort Foods



The New American Plate: Comfort Foods
Shows how to add nutrition to meatloaf, macaroni and cheese and other favorite dishes without sacrificing their traditional flavors. Includes recipes and a list of healthy substitutions for baking and cooking. Get your free copy now!

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