Move Away from the Desk
3-Minute Office Workouts

You may think you're being a dedicated employee by staying glued to your computer all day, but you're not doing yourself – or your employer – any favors. Fitness experts have been telling us for quite some time that even a brisk daily walk can help reduce several significant biological indicators of cancer risk, including sex hormone levels, insulin resistance, inflammation, and body fat.

But now, new research is making a compelling argument that sitting for long periods of time can increase some of those same indicators of cancer risk, even if you already exercise daily.

AICR's Make Time + Break Time = Cancer Prevention campaign encourages everyone to break up extended periods of sitting. So step away from the desk if you can – your deadlines can wait a few minutes – and take the time to reach your physical activity goals. If you're stuck at your desk, watch exercise physiologist Mary Kennedy show you a few quick workouts that you can blend in to your day. These strength-training, cardio-boosting bursts of activity can be done in your office or at home for a quick midday pick-me-up.

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