Three Amigos Lemonade Stand

Each summer, brothers Caleb, Spencer and Wyatt, travel from Texas to visit their grandmother, Nelda Powell, in Heyworth, IL.

In 2004 they made headlines for the first time in The Heyworth Star for raising over $150 for the American Institute for Cancer Research. They dressed up as the “Three Amigos” and sold lemonade to their neighbors, and to passing cars, “including a UPS man and a stretch limo with 15 passengers. ”

The Three Amigos were at it again in the summer of 2006, with a lemonade stand and garage sale. They doubled their previous contribution this year by raising over $300.

Gracias mi Amigos!

The Three Amigos
Caleb, Spencer and Wyatt selling lemonade to support AICR as the Three Amigos.