Flowers/Izzo Half Marathon

Michelle Flowers and Jesse Izzo ran a half marathon in Fairfield, Connecticut to support AICR.

In their words, “this race was not only a chance for some fun but also an opportunity to contribute something of ourselves and to help fundraise for cancer research. Unfortunately, cancer affects many of our lives and loved ones. Our run will be for Michelle’s Aunt Linda who, after another remission, is being treated with chemotherapy and braves it with a positive and inspirational attitude, and to Jesse’s Aunt Leslie who, through her own courage and because of the good work done by the American Institute for Cancer Research, will have been cancer-free for five years on this coming June 19th.” 

Jesse and Michelle raised over $2,000 for AICR. 

Congratulations, Michelle and Jesse, and to Aunt Leslie and Aunt Linda you are all an inspiration!

Izzo and Flowers Run for AICR
Jesse and Michelle smile with pride at accomplishing 13.1 miles!