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Um…What is Beat the Banana?

Beat the Banana events are fundraisers to benefit the Institute’s research and education programs held all over the world by organizations and work places.

Participants sign up and raise money for cancer research and have a special event day that ends with a race.

The participants race a designated "banana" (in a banana suit of course) and the winners receive prizes. The designated "banana" can be anyone but most organizations find it the most fun when it is their president or leader.

Ready to sign up your group? Here’s How!

  1. Contact us
    Contact us at 202.328.7744 or to let us know you are interested in starting an event.
  2. We set you up
    We set you up with a fundraising web page and send you giveaways for your event day and a gorgeous banana suit for the race.
  3. Sign up people
    Sign up people from your organization or work place who want to participate.
  4. Start raising $
    Start raising money for cancer research through your new website.
  5. Hold your event
    Hold your event however you choose and race to beat the banana!!

Questions? Email us