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Health-e-Recipes: Cook simply. Eat Well. Fight Cancer.

AICR’s weekly Health-e-Recipes offer practical – and delicious – help in making healthy, cancer-protective meals that burst with a variety of flavors, colors and textures. Each Health-e-Recipe brings the science behind AICR’s message straight to your inbox – and onto your plate.

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HeR: Turkey, Spinach and Apple Wrap
November 25, 2014

HeR: Roasted Turkey Breast Porchetta-Style
November 18, 2014

HeR: Red-Rice Dressing with Dried Fruit
November 11, 2014

HeR: Carrot Soup with Orange and Ginger
November 4, 2014

HeR: Moroccan-Style Cauliflower
October 28, 2014

HeR: Easy Baked Apples with Walnuts and Raisins
October 21, 2014

HeR: Strawberry Chia Smoothie
October 14, 2014

HeR: Pumpkin Stew
October 7, 2014

HeR: Moroccan Seven Vegetable Tagine
September 30, 2014

HeR: Berry Nutty Breakfast Parfait
September 23, 2014

HeR: Chilaquiles with Beans and Corn
September 16, 2014

HeR: Milanese Turkey Cutlets
September 9, 2014

HeR: Granola Fruit Squares
September 2, 2014

HeR: Grilled Pizza with Grilled Vegetables
August 26, 2014

HeR: Chilled Fruit Soup
August 19, 2014

HeR: Cool Cauliflower Salad
August 12, 2014

HeR: Quinoa with Cauliflower and Broccoli
August 5, 2014

HeR: Indian Dal
July 29 2014

HeR: Caribbean Cabbage
July 22, 2014

HeR: Mexican Spinach Salad
July 15, 2014