Food for the Fight DVD

From the moment of diagnosis, through successful treatment, and then for the rest of their lives, cancer survivors have questions.

The two-part DVD Food for the Fight offers answers.

How do you manage your diet while going through treatment?
The experts featured in Part 1 of this DVD provide clear-cut answers on how to manage the dietary challenges associated with treatment, maintain a stable weight, and even enjoy satisfying meals.

After treatment, what changes can you make in your life to prevent recurrence?
In Part 2 of this DVD, the experts talk about reshaping your meals, increasing your level of physical activity, and managing your weight. The evidence suggests that success in these three areas is key to preventing the recurrence of cancer.

Physicians like Dr. Mehmet Oz, researchers like Dr. Walter Willett and leading nutritionists like Karen Collins, RD offer insights about how nutrition can work to make treatment easier and also lower risk of recurrence.

Food for the Fight also features personal accounts and cooking demonstrations that provide cancer survivors and caregivers with the information they need about diet and cancer.

During Treatment
After Treatment

Part One: During Treatment (Running Time: 32:14)
Part Two: After Treatment (Running Time: 24:55)
Total Running Time: 57:09

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Food for the Fight is a collaboration between the American Institute for Cancer Research and New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

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