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Behind the Recipes

Before you dive in, we'd like to let you in on a little secret: Behind each of these recipes, there is a whole new vision of the American diet, based on years of nutrition and cancer research. Here are the principles that guided our cookbook team in creating The New American Plate Cookbook.

Portion Size

Simply put, Americans eat too much. And our health is suffering. Maintaining a healthy weight means controlling portion sizes. The recipes in The New American Plate Cookbook yield servings that may be a little smaller than you're used to. But they're full of delightful flavors, interesting textures and filling ingredients like vegetables, fruits and whole grains. So you can gradually adjust to eating less, and still feel satisfied at the end of a delicious meal.


Research tells us that the traditional "meat and potatoes" style of American cooking isn't the best for our health. We need less saturated fat and fewer calories than the traditional American plate offers. Your plate should hold 2/3 (or more) vegetables, fruits, whole grains or beans, and 1/3 (or less) meat, poultry, fish, or dairy. In The New American Plate Cookbook, you'll find 200 new recipes that help you follow this simple rule of thumb.

Plant Foods

Behind The New American Plate Cookbook is a fascinating scientific story—one involving years of global research on diet, cancer and the role of plant compounds called phytochemicals. The bottom line? A heap of evidence indicates that a diet rich in vegetables and fruits reduces cancer risk. It is also a powerful tool for managing your weight. The recipes in this cookbook showcase hundreds of creative ways to slip more plant foods onto your plate.

The key to sticking with the New American Plate: make gradual changes.

Traditional American Plate

The Traditional American Plate

Too much saturated fat and too many calories

Transitional Plate
A Transitional Plate

A smaller portion of protein, larger portions of dark-colored veggies

New American Plate

The New American Plate

Two vegetables, a whole grain and a smaller portion of protein

One-Pot Meal

Another New American Plate

The one-pot meal, containing 2/3 plant food and 1/3 animal protein

For more information visit our New American Plate section or view an excerpt from the Cookbook's Introduction.

The New American Plate: Recipes for a
Healthy Weight and a Healthy Life

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