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Cookbook Team

The members of AICR's Cookbook team are cooks or nutritionists, foodies or scientists. Each has a different perspective on food. But to realize their vision of a cookbook in which taste and nutrition come together, they learned to draw heavily on each others' expertise.

"What's most important is the sensuous appeal. Our recipes have to taste good, smell good and look gorgeous," says team member Maggie Sheen. "Every bit as important is producing recipes that help people manage their weight and bolster their body's defenses against chronic diseases," says team member Jeff Prince.

But neither was willing to sacrifice the other's objective for his or her own. They tested ruthlessly. If a recipe didn't hit the spot where health and delightful flavor met, they scrapped it and started over. After several months of creative frenzy, the cookbook team produced 200 win-win recipes.

San Francisco food photographer Joyce Oudkerk Pool then took the luscious pictures of some of these recipes. Her 74 full-color photographs are visible proof that healthy food can be gorgeous.

Cookbook Team

Some of the members of the Cookbook Team

The New American Plate: Recipes for a
Healthy Weight and a Healthy Life

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The New American Plate Cookbook
By the American Institute for Cancer Research
307 pages
74 color photographs
Cloth, $25.95
ISBN 0-520-24234-3