How are AICR and WCRF related?

The bottom line: AICR is WCRF in the United States.

The American Institute for Cancer Research was founded in 1982. In 1990, the World Cancer Research Fund International was founded to take AICR’s cancer-fighting mission global.

Today, five international offices come under the WCRF International umbrella:

  • AICR, based in Washington DC
  • WCRF UK, based in London
  • WCRF NL, based in Amsterdam
  • WCRF FR, based in Paris
  • WCRF HK, based in Hong Kong

Together, these organizations form the WCRF International Global Networkexternal site.

What is the correct way to reference your expert report and policy report?

The reports are global documents. They are known by slightly different names around the world.

In The US:

When you are addressing US audiences, refer to the reports as the AICR/WCRF Expert Report and the AICR/WCRF Policy Report.

Note: It is incorrect to refer to either as simply a “WCRF report.” Both reports are products of the entire WCRF global network, of which AICR is a key part. AICR wishes our supporters, grantees and colleagues in the scientific and medical community to recognize our role in producing these important documents.

Outside the US:

When addressing international audiences, refer to them as the WCRF/AICR Expert Report and the WCRF/AICR Policy Report.