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AICR offers several email publications focused on different interests. These are:


AICR’s weekly Health-e-Recipes offer practical – and delicious – help in making healthy, cancer-protective meals that burst with a variety of flavors, colors and textures. Each Health-e-Recipe brings the science behind AICR’s message straight to your inbox – and onto your plate.

Cancer Research Update: The latest science on the diet-cancer link delivered straight to your inbox.

AICR's Cancer Research Update is a new email publication that keeps you up-to-date on research and breaking news in the study of diet, physical activity, weight and cancer.  Every other Wednesday, a new issue of Cancer Research Update will profile the work of leading scientists and help place the studiesmaking headlines that week in a meaningful context.

AICR eNews - Cancer Prevention: Never too early, never too late

The monthly AICR eNews is a comprehensive resource for information on cancer prevention.  Each issue is full of ideas: you’ll find novel ways to get more physical activity into your day alongside tips for preparing meals that bring AICR’s cancer prevention message home.  Each month, the AICR eNews debunks cancer myths, translates research into everyday advice, profiles cancer-fighting foods, and arms you with the science-based information you need to live and eat for lower cancer risk.

AICR's Health @ Work

In our 2009 report, Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention, we identified groups that can play a major role in promoting health and wellness; you as an employer are one such key group. We believe that employers have a responsibility to look after the well being of their staff. Through our quarterly Health@Work we want to help you achieve that goal.

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