Cancer Prevention: Putting it Together

ICON: Cancer Prevention

The take-home message: A combination of a healthy diet, regular physical activity and healthy body weight can lower your risk of cancer.

Cancer Prevention by the Numbers

Just how many cancers are we talking about here? How many don’t have to happen?

Overall, about 1/3 of the most common cancers in the US could be prevented by following AICR’s recommendations, according to experts.

But when you look specifically at the numerous cancers that have been strongly linked to various aspects of diet, activity level and body weight, the preventability estimates go considerably higher.


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By the Numbers

Learn which cancers are preventable, and what the science says about how to prevent them.

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Studying Cancer

Everything scientists know about cancer – including these preventability numbers – has emerged from decades of research. Different kinds of studies provide different kinds of clues, and only when all are put together can consensus emerge.

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Recommendations for Cancer Prevention

Read the panel’s 10 Recommendations in full.