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Diet - What We Eat

Choose mostly plant foods, limit red meat and avoid processed meat.

How Healthy Is Your Diet?

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Getting Started

Learn which small, everyday changes matter most.

New American Plate

The New American Plate

Stop counting calories. To manage your weight – and protect against cancer – simply take a good, hard look at your plate.

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Recipes from the AICR Test Kitchen

Formerly The Recipe Corner, our database presents healthy, cancer-protective and delicious recipes.

Foods That Fight Cancer?

Learn about the top foods – and food components – attracting the attention of cancer researchers.

Guide to the Nutrition Facts Label

Learn what to look for on food labels.

AICR Nutrition Hotline

Get answers to your nutrition questions from a registered dietitian.

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AICR materials are full of science-based information: practical tips, healthy recipes and more. Read them online, or order hard copies.