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The American Institute for Cancer Research-World Cancer Research Fund Institute for the Advanced Study of Diet, Nutrition and Cancer is housed within the Michael Hooker Research Center on the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill campus.

This facility includes three laboratories dedicated exclusively to studying the role of diet in the causation, prevention and treatment of cancer.

Dr June Stevens
June Stevens PhDr

Mentoring tomorrow’s leaders in the field of diet, nutrition and cancer research.

AICR funds a Distinguished Professorship in the UNC Department of Nutrition to chair the Marilyn Gentry Fellowship Program in Nutrition and Cancer. The current AICR/WCRF Distinguished Professor is Dr. June Stevens.

This program develops tomorrow’s leaders in cutting-edge nutritional research as it relates to cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship.

Now Accepting Applications for the 2011-2013 Marilyn Gentry Fellowship

The 2011 to 2013 Marilyn Gentry Fellowship will support a scientist whose research interest is focused on molecular mechanisms for how diet/nutrients influence methylation and thereby cancer development, treatment or prevention. Pertinent research interests include studies of methyl deficiency and cancer, or studies of nutritional modulation of DNA (and/or histone) methylation and epigenetic mechanisms for cancer.

Steven Zeisel
Steven Zeisel, MD, PhD
The successful candidate will be appointed as a Research Track Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition at UNC Chapel Hill and will be mentored by Professor Steven Zeisel, MD, PhD, as well as by other faculty members at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and at the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The Marilyn Gentry Fellowship Program has produced several graduates who have entered the nutrition-cancer field and gone on to receive large government support for work begun during their Fellowship time. The program is named in honor of Marilyn Gentry, President of AICR/WCRF.

Meet the Fellows

1. June Stevens on being a AICR/WCRF Distinguished Professor.
2. June Stevens on her research and being a mentor.
3. Rebecca Cleveland on physical activity and breast cancer survival.
4. Susan Steck on the impact of her AICR fellowship.

Video Link: June Stevens video #1 Video Link: June Stevens video #2 Video Link: Rebecca Cleveland Video Link: Susan Steck


Individuals with an MD, PhD or DVM, who are basic scientists, and who have completed at least two years of postdoctoral work are eligible to apply

To Apply:
Please use the electronic submission website. Submit the following materials electronically: curriculum vitae, statement of interest/qualifications, and a list of three references.

Position is open until filled.