AICR Research Spotlight

Since 1982, AICR has supported scientists who study the effects of food, nutrition, and physical activity on cancer development, treatment and survivorship.

Many of our grantees have gone on to become renowned experts in diet and cancer. Their work has shaped cancer prevention efforts and inspired a new generation of investigators.

Findings from AICR-funded studies continue to advance the study of cancer prevention, treatment and survival.

Researcher in the Spotlight

John M. Saxton, PhD.

With a background in exercise physiology, John M. Saxton, a faculty member at the Centre for Sport and Exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University in the U.K., is exploring how exercise and lifestyle interventions can promote improvements in quality of life, disease-free survival and physical function in cancer survivors. He recently completed an AICR-funded trial focusing on post-menopausal breast cancer survivors and is publishing a book on exercise and cancer survivorship early this year.

You can read more about him in Cancer Research Update, AICR's bi-weekly email publication which highlights innovative research and the latest science stories.

Spotlight Video:

1. John Saxton on his research on physical activity and breast cancer survivors.
2. Paul van Ginkel
3. John Erdman on diet and prostate cancer.

Video Link: John Saxton Video Link: Paul Van Ginkel Video Link: John Erdman