Researchers talk about AICR's impact

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AICR’s research focuses on how food, nutrition, physical activity and weight management affect the prevention, treatment and survival of cancer.

We were the first cancer charity to fund research into diet and cancer and translate the results into practical information for the public.

We were the first cancer charity to issue recommendations for cancer prevention based on a comprehensive review of the global research.

Researchers talk about AICR's impact, watch the videos >>

  1. Robert Chapkin on the role AICR has played in his career.
  2. Richard Niles on AICR as the leader in nutrition and cancer research.
  3. Steven Clinton on AICR’s influence on his work.
  4. Richard Rivlin praises AICR’s early focus on the diet-cancer link.
  5. Richard Eckert AICR’s history of cutting-edge research.


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What do we know and how do we know it? What should you look for in media reports about diet and cancer?

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