“I choose AICR because of my grandfather.  He raised me as though I were his own daughter and have never forgotten how cancer took him away from me.  I also did not know how to incorporate him into the wedding and making a donation to research the disease that took him away seemed like the best way I could honor him.” -  Arianna L., 2011 bride-to-be


“My husband-to-be's father is very important to us. He has had a long fight with pancreatic cancer, he is in his third year since he was diagnosed and he is doing relatively well. Jeff (my fiancee) is the first child in his family to be married, and as we have hope that his father will see all of his children's weddings, we can not pretend that there is not a possibility that he may not. We are dedicating the money we would have spent on favors to Doug (his dad) to show how not only his family, but now MY family support and love him. He is the glue and inspiration that keep us together!” Jamie, 2011 bride-to-be


“Both my husband and I have lost loved ones to cancer in the past year. There was no question that we would honor them as part of our wedding. These favors are one way to have them with us on this day, and feel like we’re doing something tangible to fight cancer.” Chelsea, married February 2010


“My fiancée and I decided to make a donation to AICR in leiu of a favor at our wedding because we felt it was our way of playing a role in the fight against cancer. And what could be more profound than to thank our guests for their presence by letting them know that they have helped fund research in the prevention of such a devastating disease.” Nicole, married June, 2010