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I love to run. When asked why I want to run marathons, my answer is, "because I can." When I run, I often think if people who can't see the beautiful things that I see on a run, or who can't experience that post-run high of feeling invincible.

I've run four marathons but want to run this next one with two specific goals in mind: 1) to see if I can push my body and mind to complete all 26.2 miles within 4 hours, and 2) to raise money for cancer research.

Over the past few years I've heard of more and more people getting diagnosed with -- and dying from -- cancer. Some are people very close to me, some are friends or family of colleagues and friends, and some I learn of though Facebook. At one point, I started getting angry. Why are so many people, particularly young people, getting cancer?? I was wisely encouraged to take my anger and channel it toward something good.

So here I am. This year, I am training to participate in the Marine Corps Marathon on October 26, 2014, to benefit the American Institute for Cancer Research.

With more than 1.2 million new cancer cases in the U.S. each year, and more than 500,000 cancer deaths annually, programs that can produce even a small reduction in cancer rates offer enormous savings in lives, suffering and medical expense. AICR has been at the forefront of providing education programs and materials to help people learn how to make changes for lower cancer risk.

But closer to home, I'm running for Roger...for Shauna...for Christian...for Sandie...for Stephen...for Barbara...for Lane...for Ron...and for so many others....and for the people who love them.

Please join the fight against cancer by making a donation to Team AICR. No donation is too small for this great goal!


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